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Good Cube

GOOD CUBE Exfoliator & Bar Saver

GOOD CUBE Exfoliator & Bar Saver

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The perfect eco-friendly knitted hemp exfoliating pouch to use up those last pesky pieces.


Place a Good Cube Conditioning Shampoo Bar inside the pouch and close with wooden bead. Keep the bar inside to use and store.

To Shampoo: Wet the pouch and gently massage into the hair and scalp in circular motions. Leave in for 2 -3 mins before rinsing.

To wash Body & Face: Wet the pouch and scrub gently over skin. Natural hemp is an excellent exfoliator.

To store: Simply hang over the shower tap or loop through a wire soap basket.

Care: To refresh your Good Cube bag, simply machine or hand wash and hang to dry.


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